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Round two of Pose Appreciation Week is one of my all time favorites, one who’s been taking up a huge portion of my inventory for a long time. Exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer. I have an obscene amount of singles poses from this store, a go-to for my fashion posts.

Blissful 7 | It’s Casual 1 | TM All Stars Intro: Angelea | TM ’12 Intro: Ashley

Her poses always seem to be so natural and fit my avatar perfectly almost every time. It’s like they are made especially for my avatar.

But she does more than single poses. Whenever I find myself needing a pose for more than one avatar, I always seem to find myself at exposure first and I rarely leave empty-handed. The couple and group poses are expressive and sometimes even naughty (aka Indecent exposeur).

Some Girls

On Veenya:
Hair: Truth – Nyx w/Roots
Skin: League – Isla
Lipstick: League – Black Cherry
Eyes: Vision by A.S.S – Enaid
Nails: Mandala – Nail Palette 2 Long

Long Sleeved Shirt: Erratic – Basics Longshirt
Top: Zaara for Around The World – Sanya Draped Top
Jeans: Decoy – Dana 76 Jeans (Free Right Now)
Shoes: Elikatira – Secret Boots

Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Valencia Earrings
Rings: Yummy for Collabor 88 – Boho Ring Set

On Anichka:
Skin: Essences
Hair: Alice Project for Around the World – Seohyun
Dress: NiNight Creations – Autumn Leaves Sweater Dress
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui – Suede Boots

On Obsolete:
Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Basic
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amelie
Eyes: Ikon – Eternal Eyes
Eye Makeup: Mock – Indifference Eyeshadow

Dress: Corvus – Skull and Guns Dress
Shoes: J’s – Short Boots Laceup
Tights: Erratic – Fishnet Wide
Socks: Fear & Clothing (closed) – Knit Socks

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Veenyahttps://farm9.staticflickr.com/8486/8215185270_c3319bb7e2_b.jpg https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8197/8214100233_07d68885de_b.jpg
VeenyaThanks to Anichka and Obsolete for posing with me!
Rors®quick question...what is pose appreciation week and where did it start?
VeenyaStarted here i believe: Pose appreciation week: Nov. 19 - Nov. 25Pose appreciation week: Nov. 19 - Nov. 25 An effort to highlight pose-makers and encourage people to credits their poses.
Rubythank you! (heart_beat)
VeenyaRubyStarlight: Nuu, thank you!
Rors®awesome. thanks for that Veenya

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