V for Veenya

V for Veenya -

She looked as if she knew exactly when the world would end

RL is slaying me. I have a brand new puppy at home and he is taking so much time and effort (but he’s oh so worth it). I thought for sure I had blogged this look already, but… Anyway, here it is. Since it’s  late and contains some things from events, I’m not sure how much of it is still available, but I figured I’d post anyway. Happy Friday!


Hair & Gasmask: Truth – Rogue
Skin & Appliers: League – Isla
Blood: Repulse – Slaughter
Eye Gash: Little Pricks – Gashed Face
Hands: SLink

Collar: RedMint – Posture V Collar
Necklace: DRD – Geekmania Neckwrap
Pauldrons: The Forge – Krull Pauldrons
Corset: CandyDoll – Twist Dress
Gloves: SongBird – Holey Fishnet Gloves
Pants, Garter & Stockings: Sn@tch – Salome
Kneepads: Coco – KneePads
Knife: The Forge – Leg Dagger
Crossbow & Pose: Mien – Hunter

Autumn Cometh


I’m starting to long for that autumn crisp in the air. I’ve moved even further south, so I think it’s at least a month before I get my favorite season of the year. It’s lucky I have SL to still my needs. My platform has turned in to a autumn wonderland and I feel so happy walking around there now.

I found these amazing corset like stockings at My SLink Obsessions and I love them. They inspired the rest of this outfit as well. I went for this innocent type look that’s still sexy. I’ve been roaming around in it for the last 3 days, I really like it.

Oh yeah, one last note! League just released appliers for the Physique body, so YAY I can wear my favorite skin again.

Hair: Truth – Thelma
Skin: League – Isla (with appliers)
Body, Hands & Feet: SLink

Dress: The Secret Store – Betty Swing Dress
Stockings: Pervette – Corset Socks (My SLink Obsession)
Shoes: Hucci – Pinup Peep
Jewelry: LaGyo – Mirte Set

Pose: Marukin (Collabor 88)

It’s all in her Physique


Yesterday I bought myself a brand new body. The Physique mesh body from SLink. I didn’t think I would, but I saw my Sister wearing it and just had to have it too. I am thoroughly impressed. It’s smooth, it bends well and it doesn’t clip all awkwardly everywhere. It’s a joy for someone who takes a lot of photos, no more smoothing edges like before. I haven’t touched these photos aside from contrast.

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to wear my mesh clothing with this, but it’s worked surprisingly well. The HUD is extensive, you can turn of several pieces of your body to make sure it doesn’t clip with your clothing. The few instances it hasn’t quite matched up, I’ve just gone a size up instead.

Of course I had to take some nudes, to make the body justice. I grabbed a pose from !bang that is in FLF today and I coerced my Sister to join me. I think it’s the first time  I’ve had nudes on this blog. Eeep!

On Veenya:
Hair: Truth – Marisol
Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo (with appliers)
Lipstick: League – Black Cherry
Body, Hands & Feet: SLink

On Marja:
Hair: Magika – Meadow
Skin: Glam Affair – Rose (with appliers)
Body, Hands & Feet: SLink

Pose: !bang – Leisure (FLF)

Godess in me


Took me a small eternity to actually get in to Collabor 88 this time, but when I did, I saw why. It’s smack full of designers with awesome stuff. It is their 3rd anniversary and the theme is Odyssey, which means a lot of Godess inspired stuff. I spent a small fortune. Here’s a few of the pieces I picked up.

Hair: Lelutka – Ariel
Skin: League – Isla (with appliers
Hands & Feet: SLink

Necklace: Pure Poison – Greek Goddess Necklace (Collabor 88)
Bracelet: Mandala – Chunkeeey
Top & Skirt: Boom – Athena (Collabor 88)
Shoes: Essenz – Denver

Photobox: W.Winx

Veenya 2.0

Veenya 2.0

I imagine that if Veenya was ever sent to the future, she would look something like this. She looks like someone you shouldn’t mess with, someone with skills to survive and still look stylish. She also looks a bit pissed of in general, unapproachable in a way.

I’m not sure why I think you can’t wear frilly dresses and colorful things in the future, but at the same time it’s tickling because I spent a long time in RL wearing only Black , typical metal-head.

I also got a myself mesh ears from Mandala and I’m glad I did, the look so much better with this type of hair, I don’t feel like I have to hide that I have ears. They are a clean version so i can wear any earrings with them and it works with some editing skills.

Hair: CatWa – Selena
Skin: League – Isla (with appliers)
Hands: SLink
Mesh Chest: Lola – Tango
Ears: Mandala – Simple Ears Hutuu
Nail Applier: A:S:S – Black on Black

Collar: Sn@tch – Hush Collar
Suit: Sn@tch – Spell on You PVC Suit (with Lola appliers)
Gloves: CNZ – Bandage Gloves (with Slink Applier)
Prop Gun: Bounce This – Girls Gun Pose Pack

Earrings: Amorous – Enslaved
Piercings: Pekka – Radius

Pose: Flowey -Bad Habit #1
Location: Insilico

Here comes the Summer Sun (I wish)

I’ve decided to play around with new windlights and new editing techniques, so I’ll be all over the place for a while. Might get interesting, who knows? I saw this sim and I just went in to summer mode immediately. I want to feel the summer sun now. Or like yesterday. This cute little dress from Erratic felt like I good match for my mood, it’s a nice lime color that matches my awesome shoes from G-Field.

Hair: Truth – Froukje
Skin: League – Isla (with skin appliers)
Hands: SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands
Nails: Flair – Set 51

Dress: E! Eclectic Apparel – Aria
Jacket: Coco – Cropped Biker Jacket
Stockings: Zaara – Chanchal
Shoes: G-Field – Adele Wedge Pumps
Long Necklace: MG – Lydia
Short Necklaces: Cae – Bejeweled

Pose: Flowey – Blow My Mind